Can I install a Cargo Ease Slide myself?

Yes, Cargo Ease Slides come will everything you need to install the unit yourself. Basic hand tools such as a drill and wrenches you will need to supply. Also, some model slides are very solidly made and therefore are quite heavy. It may require 2-3 persons to lift the slide into position.

Download Slide Installation Instructions here Slide Installation Instructions

What sizes are available for your truck bed Slides?

Cargo Ease has a Slide available for most makes and model vehicles in our online application guide. However, if you do not see your application listed, please give us a call and we will do our best to make a slide suitable for your needs.

How do I get my cargo up on the Cargo Ease Slide?

Cargo Ease has a patented ramp system that makes loading and unloading just about anything quick and easy. These ramps are a part of the slide’s frame so you will never lose your ramps again. This ramp system was voted SEMA’s 2012 best new exterior product.

When I slide-out my Cargo Ease will it rub against my pickup truck’s tailgate?

No, All Cargo Ease slides come with a lift kit if required.

What if I need more deck space can the side rails be re-moved?

Yes, But why bother. Cargo Ease has patented folding side rails to address this problem. A quicker option than removing your side rails.

How high off the Truck Bed do the Cargo Ease Slides sit?

This depends on the model you purchase. But it basically breaks down like this.
Aluminum Slide less than 3.75”
Heritage, Hybrid and Jeep about 4-4.5”
Commercial, Titan and Dual models about 4.5-5”
Full Extension Models is about 5”-5.5”

How do I know which Cargo Ease would work best for me?

Give us a call at 1-905-768-2650. Our trained staff will be more than happy to help you pick a model slide and the options that best suit your needs.

What is the warranty?

Slides – 5 Year limited
Lockers – 5 Years limited

How many locking positions does the Cargo Ease Slide have?

3 locking positions are standard. However, Jeep and shorter slides only have 2 & Full Extension slides have 4. If you would like your slide to lock every 10-12 inches, please let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate you. You may want to inquire about our patented, Award-winning safety brake system. A pad braking system that stops the slide anywhere you let the handle go.

Are the weight capacities full extended weight capacities?

Yes. Cargo Ease tests each slide design to make sure the slide will hold the weight we say at full extension. Always use common sense when loading and unloading your slide. Load from front to back and extend the slide only as much as you need when loading and unloading.

How long do I have to wait for my slide?

Most of our slides are ready and in stock at a warehouse near you. 2-3 weeks is a normal turnaround time. If you would like a custom slide with various options these will take a bit longer. 3-4 weeks depending on the options you request.

Are the options retrofit and can I install the options myself?

Some yes and some no. The best thing to do is call Cargo Ease at 905-768-2650. We can let you know the options you can do and the ones best left for Cargo Ease to do.


Do you make Lockers for 8ft beds?


What sizes are available for your truck bed lockers?

Cargo Ease has lockers available for most makes and model vehicles in our online application guide. Standard sizes are:

95” L x 48” W
80” L x 48” W
75” L x 48” W
73” L x 48” W
65” L x 48” W
63” L x 48” W

Also, check our application guide for a list of New Jeep Applications Again if you don’t see it in the application guide contact us and we will be more than happy to see about making you a custom locker.

Can I install a Cargo Ease Locker myself?

As your locker will come fully assembled all you have to do is lift into the truck bed and use the sliding tie-downs to secure the locker in the bed using the trucks tie-down locations. Keep in mind some units are quite heavy and will need 2 or 3 people to pick them up.

Download Locker Installation Instructions here Locker Installation Instructions

What is the difference between the waterproof and water-resistant lockers?

Waterproof lockers are entirely enclosed in aluminum. They are weather-sealed and have a handle that pulls the drawer in tighter as they lock into position.

How do I decide which locker I need?

Ask yourself, do I want a waterproof locker or will a water-resistant locker do? Water Proof Locker or mighty cargo locker part numbers start with MCL and Base cargo locker starts with CL.

Next get the length and width, between the wheels, of your bed. 8ft boxes would be 95” x 48”

Then decide which height of the locker you need 9” or 12” keep in mind these are outside dimensions. The inside depth is 6.73” and 9.73”
Next, do you want 1 or 2 drawer configuration?

Once you have asked yourself these question your part number would look like this MCL9548-D12-2 which just stands for Mighty Cargo Locker 95” L x 48” W X 12” H with 2 drawer configuration.

What keeps my stuff from rolling off the locker?

Side rails 4” optional aluminum side rails for the base locker or 3” aluminum standard side rails for the Mighty locker.

How much weight can I put on top of the locker?

2000 lbs on the base locker
2500 lbs on the Mighty Locker

How much weight do drawers hold?

600 lbs per drawer

Do the drawers have locking positions?

No. They do have a stop pin when fully extended out.

How heavy are the lockers?

Depending on the size of the locker they can go from 250lb to 370 lbs.

Can I put a slide on the locker?

Yes, but keep in mind the Slides have to be 2” shorter than the locker.

Can I stack the locker?

Yes, our lockers are made to stack. There are bolt holes under the top deck. Remove deck and simply connect the bottom of one locker to the top of the other.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed on this sheet please contact Cargo Ease inside sales to help you address any questions or concerns

Where can I download Cargo Ease product images?

You can download all images here Product Images

Where can I download the newest catalogue?”

You can download it here Catalogue