Cargo Ease® – Commercial Series Cargo Slides

Bed Accessories

Commercial Series Cargo Slides by Cargo Ease®. These highly efficient models is sure to make any craftsman, carpenter, contractor, and person alike who works hard together with their vehicle happy and fully satisfied. Featuring heavy-duty construction with 6 and 8 strong sealed roller bearings, with weight capacities of 1500 and 2000 lbs these slides ensures safe and easy stowing and retrieving of your gear.

Still need more weight capacity? No Problem Our TITAN Series offers 2500 and 3000 pound Capacities evenly distributed!

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  • 1,500 and 2,000 lbs weight capacity Commercial Grade (evenly distributed)

  • 2500 and 3000 lbs weight capacity in our Titan Series (evenly distributed)

  • 3/4″ Plywood Deck with Skid Resistant Polyethylene coating

  • Easy Grip Pull Handle

  • Makes loading/unloading your truck easy and quick

  • Allows for up to 75% extension

  • Easily removable, rugged 1/4” rubber mat

  • Reinforced Powder Coated steel frames for added safety

  • Custom sizes and applications are available

  • 8” laser cut, powder coated aluminium side rails for added safety

  • 6 Heavy Duty sealed roller bearings on 1500 pound Commercial slide

  • 8 Heavy Duty sealed roller bearings on 2000 pound Commercial and Titan Series

  • Bed to Top of deck just under 4″

  • 3 locking positions – in, half-way out, and fully extended

  • Solid linkage lock mechanism

  • Comes fully assembled

  • Easy, bolt-on installation using our patented “L” hook system

  • 4 Sliding Tie Downs

  • Covered by a 5-year limited warranty (including bearings)


Our slides can be customized with the following options:
  • Patented Brake System – stops slide when handle is release

  • 4” FOLD DOWN SIDE RAILS – maximize cargo space

  • Aluminium Checker Plate Deck

  • Adjustable Sliding Tie Down System

  • Custom Designed back rail

  • Camouflage Side Rails

  • Stationary Second Deck

  • Spray on Coating